Pumped Up Strength Instructor Certification - VIRTUAL LIVE WEB TRAINING EVENT (Stream from HOME) - 12/12/2021

Sunday, Dec 12, 2021

Lauren has had a passion for movement and fitness since a young age. She first started teaching group fitness classes in college where her first love was step aerobics. Since her beginning in step, she has taught almost every format under the sun but dance and Pilates based formats will always have a special place in her heart! After finishing her undergraduate work in Sports Management at Texas A&M University, Lauren pursued a master's degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies at The University of North Texas. Upon completion of her master's degree, Lauren ran the group fitness programs at The Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center, Florida State University, and ToddPilates Fitness. Lauren is happiest when she is sharing her love of group fitness with other instructors and enjoys creating innovative barre, Pilates, and dance programming and continuing education courses. In 2015, Lauren combined her love of dance, Pilates, and group fitness to create PulsePointe barre, which has since become part of the Barre Above® program. In addition to being a Balletone® Master Trainer, Lauren is also the owner of Clemson Fitness Company in Clemson, SC. and is a co-creator of the enhanced Barre Above® program. Certifications: AFAA, ACE PT & ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Pete McCall is a personal trainer, fitness educator, and author. Pete holds a master's degree in exercise science and health promotion, completed a Fellowship in Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute, is a Certified Personal Trainer with ACE and NASM, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and has spent a large portion of his career educating personal trainers as a workshop instructor and international speaker. Pete delivers education and content solutions for a variety of health and fitness organizations including the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Core Health & Fitness (the parent company of Nautilus and StairMaster). Pete is an author of Ageless Intensity: Effective Workouts to Slow the Aging Process and Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple, and he is a public speaker and host of the All About Fitness podcast. Frequently quoted as an expert in a variety of publications, Pete is a sought-after media resource for accurate, in-depth insights on how to get results from exercise. In addition to his books, Pete has authored numerous articles for fitness trade publications, exercise-science blogs and is one of a few individuals who has written textbook chapters for ACE and NASM, the two largest fitness certification organizations.

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Email: customerservice@pumpedupstrength.com

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10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (PST)


Admittance to 4-hr LIVE Streaming ONLINE Pumped Up Strength Certification with program creator, Lauren George and exercise science expert and co-writer Pete McCall and 3 hours of additional on demand course content. Includes CECs and Instructor Certification Materials provided inside the Pumped Up Strength Instructor Portal. Attendee is certified to teach Pumped Up Strength classes upon completion of the online quiz.

You'll receive everything you need to begin teaching classes the very next day.

You'll Discover
  • The benefits of teaching to music.
  • The physiological benefits of linking exercises together to create Dynamic Functional Flows.
  • How to achieve optimal recovery from exercise with periodization
  • Exercise strategies to strengthen fascia.
  • How movement training is core training.
  • The difference between internal and external focus of attention.
You'll Learn How To
  • Create and teach a classic Pumped Up Strength class for all fitness levels.
  • Structure an effective 30, 45, 55, or 60 min. classes.
  • Utilize our signature Rhythmic Progression Method to create class programs and progressions to maximize the efficiency of your workout and challenge your students.
  • Build Dynamic Functional Flows utilizing the 7 foundational movement patterns and the planes of motion.
  • Harness the power of the Pumped Up Strength progressive layering formula to make every class easy to follow and help all of your students feel successful.
  • Cue for success and empowerment.
  • Make every class feel like a party from start to finish utilizing the Pumped Up Strength Party Planning Checklist.
  • Progress exercises with intention.
  • 7.0 AFAA
  • 0.6 ACE
  • 0.7 NASM
  • 6.0 SCW
  • Electronic Instructor Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Instructor Web Account with initial workout choreography & educational videos
  • Access to a digital copy of the master class
  • Opportunity for ongoing education
  • Discounts on equipment and apparel
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Lauren George
Pumped Up Strength®
Program Specialist

Pete McCall
Pumped Up Strength
Co-Program Specialist

Pete McCall
Pumped Up Strength
Co-Program Specialist